How to access your webinars

NOTE: Logging in to does not automatically log you in to the webinars website. You MUST log in on in order for your membership status to be reflected. If you do not remember your password, you must reset it on as the webinar website does not capture this information. Once your password is reset, return to to log in and register for the desired program.

This page serves as a guide for new and returning users on how to navigate the site and ensure a seamless online learning experience. If you use Internet Explorer, please ensure certain functions are enabled: Visit Settings > Internet Options >Advanced tab > check boxes for "Use TLS 1.1" and "Use TLS 1.2"

Finding a webinar by category or keyword

  1. You can search our webinar archive in one of two ways:
    1. Select "Search On-Demand Webinars" in the left side menu
      1. This gives you an advanced search on a separate page
    2. Utilize the "Search Archives" dropdown menu options and search field on the left-hand side.
      1. Categories is for topic areas, and Types is proficiency level

Setting up your profile interests

  1. Log in to the webinar website using your usual APIC login credentials
  2. Once you're logged in, click your name in the top right corner
  3. On the right side of your profile, you should see a section called "Interest Categories"
  4. For each categories, note your level of interest, with 0 being low level of interest and 5 being high level of interest.
  5. Press "Save" at the bottom of your profile
  6. The Recommended Webinars section of the homepage will then be populated by webinars that align with your category interests noted on your profile

Registering for a webinar

  1. Find the webinar you are interested in viewing
  2. Click either the webinar title or the "View" button
  3. Select the green Register button next to the title
  4. Log in with your usual APIC login email and password
  5. You're done! An email will be sent to you for confirmation.

NOTE: you must have a complete APIC profile in order to proceed with registering for a program. Please first log in to and check your profile to ensure the following fields are completed:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Accessing/Viewing a webinar you have registered for

  1. Log in to the webinar website using your usual APIC login credentials
  2. On left menu, select "My Dashboard"
  3. Find the webinar you would like to view in the list of registered webinars and click the webinar title
  4. Select "Test your browser" before launching the webinar to ensure your browser is properly set up to view the program
  5. After a browser test, click the View button

Obtaining your certificate

  1. On all webinars you have registered for, there are 3 items to complete: Webinar, Survey, and Certificate.
  2. First watch the webinar to unlock the survey
  3. Once the survey is unlocked, complete the survey
  4. When the survey has been completed, the Certificate will be available for download by clicking "Certificate available"
  5. If you watched the webinar in a room with others and are not the original registrant please see the next set of instructions

Obtaining your certificate - group viewing
Note: Each group member must register themselves for the survey using your APIC username and password. The survey for this program can be found on the program page, followed by the "Group Contact Hours" tab.

At the end of the event, you will receive a verification code that you must use to access the survey and certificate. It is the responsibility of the additional viewers to watch until the end and write down the verification code as it will not be provided by staff at a later time. Upon completion of the program:

  1. Log in to and select “Dashboard”.
  2. Select the webinar you just viewed followed by the Contents tab
  3. Input the verification code in the space provided and submit
  4. Complete the webinar survey
  5. Print Certificate

Downloading slides from a viewed webinar
Slides and additional materials are available within the window of the live program in a box called "Links". If you don't download them during the live program, please use the instructions below to access the slides and supplemental resources within the archive:

  1. Log in to
  2. Visit your Dashboard and find the program that you would like the slides for
  3. Click the Contents tab followed by Webinar to expand the webinar section
  4. Click “View Archived Recording” which then opens a new window
  5. Within that window, the Links box will appear on the left-hand side. Select the item you wish to open/download and then click “open”

Downloading your webinar transcript

  1. Log in to the webinar website using your usual APIC login credentials
  2. On left menu, select "My Dashboard"
  3. Select "Transcripts/Achievements" button at the top of the page

Understanding Expiration Dates

To comply with ANCC standards, we expire CEs after the webinar hits its 3-year anniversary on the site. Our Education Committee reviews those “expired” programs to determine if the content is still valuable, and if they give them the thumbs up, we keep them in the library, but without CEs as there may be some nuggets within that presentation that are outdated.